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The Employee self service module - VisualESS, Streamlines time and paper consuming HR and payroll tasks, saving time for managers, employees and HR department

Employee and manager self service provides a wide variety of functions that dramatically improve human resource processes by allowing employees to view and maintain their own data. Through a secure web interface, employees have access to their employment leave data, performance evaluation, Training data, Pension information and payroll data. They can make changes to their personal information. Using the VisualESS module, managers can easily approve leave and loan applications etc online Plus, studies have shown that readily-available company information can significantly improve employee morale and retention. VisualESS can positively impact your company’s bottom line by allowing HR staff more time to focus on strategic business issues such as management development, effective recruiting programs, and competitive compensation plans.

Create a paperless Office

Form completion occurs everyday however with the implementation of the VisualESS, this task is eliminated by the automatic approval workflow process.

  • No more waiting for forms for leave application or Loan etc
  • No more completion of forms
  • No more asking for policy manuals
  • No more enquiries seeking clarification about something as simple as leave balance
  • Become self sufficient about your own data
  • Achieve instant information delivery
  • Achieve automatic approval using advanced
  • escalation techniques

Some benefits to the organization

  • provide an automated electronic approval system
  • reduced Administrative cost
  • paperless transactions always and at any time
  • more accurate data – no intermediary
  • faster response times – from approving individuals
  • increased productivity -
  • more efficient workflows
  • greater information flow
  • enables HR to be more strategic

With VisualESS - Employee / Manager Self Service

VisualESS, as a module, can be deployed with eVisualPayroll to provide employee / manager self service. VisualESS working with eVisualPayroll will enable employees to logon through the web to:
  • Make personnel Changes
  • View Training History
  • View Course Details
  • View Pension contibution Details
  • View Position Description
  • View Leave Balances
  • View Leave summary
  • Apply/Approve Leave
  • View Loan Balances
  • View Loan summary
  • Apply/Approve Loan
  • View Payslip History
  • View/Amend Bank Information
  • Review Company Policy Document
  • View Your Staff Details

VisualESS Workflow – Greatly improves you company HR Efficiency

VisualESS provides an automated electronic approval process. For example:
  • Leave or employee loan applications – entered by the employee – is automatically passed to the manager – approved by the manager – database is updated and employee receives an email
  • Employee loan Application– automatically passed to the designated approver e.g. HR manager or line manager – after approval database is updated and employee receives an email.
This is a great cost saver for the company considering the volume of approval requests per annum that would be seamlessly processed With VisualESS, managers and employees now have productivity tools that increase speed, accuracy and communication within the organization. Paper is replaced with easy to use and understand Web forms.

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