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VisualHR supports all Processing stages of the Human resource management cycle.

VisualHR manages ongoing HR needs, including tracking of:

Entitlements Management, Pension Manager, Health and Safety, Leave and vacation Management, Assets Assignment and Control, Accident incidence Monitoring, Employee Appraisals, Promotions management, Training and Courses attended, HR Budget Management, Payroll Management and dependents, Optional Biometric Time and attendance interface etc.

Feature-rich human resource management solution

  • Reduces administrative burden on HR department
  • Provides complete best of breed reporting and labour compliance capabilities
  • Offers complete administration and reporting of personnel information
  • Enforces compliance with time sensitive tasks through automated workflow and using event and Alert manager
  • Web or intranet employee/manager self service
  • Thin-client implementation etc
  • Allows HR staff to focus on core organizational development
  • High level customization of fields and screens etc
  • Eliminates duplication of information


Designed for medium to large organizations and enterprises across all industries

  • Quick and easy to implementation
  • Highly customizable - fields, screens, grids and tables
  • Easily defined user security and roles for ultimate protection


World-class technology

  • Exciting browser based software with hassle free single point installation.
  • Choice of database platforms (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, etc)
  • High degree of scalability
  • Ensured data integrity
  • Single point data entry for all HR and Payroll data
  • Over 80 built- in reports



  • Supports third party payroll systems
  • Integrated with most Accounting system via Payroll, including, Sage Accpac ERP, Sun Accounts etc.
  • Integrates with Microsoft excel for additional reporting


Why use Visual HR?

  • A major expense in the organisation is leave cost - both in time taken off and the leave pay. Visual HR enable you eliminate leave time abuse due to poor leave data management.
  • Do you constantly have to go to the telephone book to look up your manager's phone number?
  • Have trouble remembering what Benson did well in the last 12 months to justify a pay increase?
  • You need to find someone on your staff that is fluent in French or Hausa ? How do you determine this in the next 10 minutes?
  • The boss just said that you need to limit your department's salary increases for next year. Who deserves a merit increase and who doesn't?
  • You have a safety plan that says you will have a person on staff in each department that is certified in Swimming for offshore assignments. Do you know who has the requisite training hours completed ?

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