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Leave Management is a key module in VisualHR Suite. Accross Africa, just like in Nigeria, leave management is pretty much the same. Leave may be accrued in hours, days, or dispensed in lump sum.

Visual HR automatically controls the flow of leave from Accrued Leave through to Accumulated and/or Non-Accumulated Leave according to the predefined rules specified .

Visual HR provides management a complete tool to manage employee leave and vacation. The leave system is rule-based and highly configurable, thus, it enable management to administer complex situations such as company's unique policies or union policies. In addition, Leave Management saves time with self-service features that allow employees and managers to request, review, and report on Leave through an easy-to-use web portal

The Leave management module handles all types of leave such as annual, sick, casual, maternity, lieu leave, Compasionate etc - you just define it and is accessible via the Internet or Intranet.

Visual HR leave Manager:

  • Allows unlimited Leave Types
  • Provides employee's leave summary
  • Controls leave balance according to the rules made
  • Enables you to monitize leave
  • Provides a full transactions history
  • Integrates leave data to Microsoft Excel
  • Enables you to create the company's Leave roster and a graphical repre-sentation of leave taken and leave pending.

You can easily access and manage employee leave using our web based Employee/Manager self Service module


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