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Every employee at sometime would have to retire from active service in the organisation. The role of HR manager is to ensure smooth handling of all related tasks, one of the most important being pension management. In addition to assigning a pension scheme to a specific employee, each pension processing company needs to run and track the monthly pension deductions and payments.

Visual HR Pension Management is a customizable solution that will provide you with all the tools for pension documentation, monthly pension processing, monitoring payments, saving information etc.

It can accommodate different scheme of pension, and also special pension applications, depending on your exact requirements.

Pension Management comes as a module of Visual HR comprehensive HRM Enterprise, catering for the requirements of companies needs to handle their employees' pension processes and payments. It is designed to support various pension schemes, multiple administrator and pension funds custodian

Visual HR's Pensions solution enables you to define the pension custodian, Pension administrators and the company's pension schemes to which an employee belongs . It is fully web enabled which allows permission based access from any location within the organisation.

Visual HR's Pensions solutions can hold information on different types of scheme members and scheme details. With the click of the mouse, you view your pension contribution via payroll to-date, that's, if you have your payroll linked to Visual HR. Other facilities include auto updates of members' records.

Visual HR Employee Pension module complies with the Nigerian Pension Reform Act laws 2004



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