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Visual HR provides effective tool for performance appraisal within the organisation

Effective performance management involve defining clear goals with measurable objectives and well-documented reviews, plus employee participation. Visual HR Performance Appraisal module enables you to getting your entire organization to put these techniques into use, day in and day out, all year round.

360-degree and multirater capabilities

Visual HR Performance Evaluation enables you to align employee performance with enterprise objectives, assess performance, and apply integrated rewards. It helps employees to understand their role in the organization and work toward attaining their career goals. With the 360-degree and multirater capabilities, an employee-initiated and -driven performance process, collaborative criteria setting, and our enhanced custom report writer, Visual HR Performance Evaluation improves productivity, reduces costs, and increases business performance.

The VisualHR Appraisal module enables your organization to:

  • Reduce time and money spent conducting and recording employee performance appraisals - up to 70%.
  • Improve the quality and completion rates of your employee appraisals.
  • Align employee goals and development activities to business priorities.
  • Free up employees, managers, HR and IT to spend more time on strategic activities.
  • Conduct appraisals your way , using your process and employee appraisal forms.
  • conduct as many different appraisal and processes as you need.

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