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Professional Service Group

Multisoft Consulting has a proven track record of several successful project implementations.
We ensure our VisualHR, VisualESS, VisualPayroll and VisualTnA clients acquire the necessary skills to become self-sufficient in the setup, management and ongoing operation of the solutions. The core objective of our Professional Services Group is to ensure that your company will derive the maximum benefits from your HR solutions.

Multisoft Consulting's Implementation Strategy centers on workflow process improvement. Drawing from our Industry experience, our Professional Services Group will collaborate with your personnel to conduct a detailed analysis of current processes. We will assist you in optimizing your business processes based on our Best Practices experience and configure your HR solution to take full advantage of its power and flexibility.

Over the past decade, our Implementation Methodology has gone through continual process improvement and has been successfully repeated in guiding a significant number of on-time and on-budget client implementation projects A core foundation of Multisofts implementation methodology is the utilization of a 'Train-the-Trainer' approach that builds a knowledge base within your organization and leverages the core competencies of your team members to drive positive change throughout the organization. Users are empowered to take responsibility and ownership of the process and are directly involved in adopting best practices.

The Multisoft Consulting Implementation Team has built an impressive inventory of re-useable intellectual property and assets. This helps streamline project work effort and cost and also reduces project risk via leveraging practices that have been “tried and proven” at other client implementations.

Simply put, nobody knows VisualHR Applications like Multisoft Consulting Implementation Consultants – we are experts in implementing our software applications in complex multi-position and multi-site organizations.

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