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                   Free Nigerian Payroll Tax Calculation Template

In arriving at the Taxable amount, the following assumptions have been made:
  • Gross Taxable Income is your total earning taxable under the law - all Payroll earnings are taxable
  • Personal Income Tax Amendment Act 2011 Provisions have been used in this template  including the new tax table and relief (See our press release)
  • You must provide your monthly Pay information.
  • The tax amount calculated is for a month.
  • This free template is only a guide. There are other provisions in the tax law whose interpretation may grossly impart the final tax amount. For assistance you may email us at

                               Enhanced FREE Payroll Template

     Click on the Imaage
Free payslip template

We have provisioned this free template for Small medium enterprise (SME) that need to give payslips to their employees but do not want to pay for a full blown payroll management system such as CloudVisualPayroll or eVisualPayroll.
   Benefits Include:
- Ability to create payitems including entitlements & deduction, Taxes & Pension
- Ability to enter non-taxable payitem to enable the system calculate the correct Nigerian tax
- Several pay types and deduction to enable you have full payslip
- Ability to prepare payslip with tax or self inputed tax
      - Print payslips for your employee
      - The system calculates correct and tested Nigerian PAYE
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