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CloudVisualPayroll – Comprehensive and Flexible Solution

CloudVisualPayroll solution is now available as a cloud (hosted) for organization that want to process payroll anytime anywhere. Also, for companies, such as Accounting firms and professional tax and payroll consultants, that wishes to manage payroll in-house for their client via a cloud-based solution, we offer all, the same features and benefits of our award winning on-premise payroll solution, plus, it is delivered with the security, scalability, and flexibility of the cloud


What you Get from CloudVisualPayroll

The benefits of Cloud_visualPayroll to process your payroll on the internet are numerous:  
  • No software licence fees. Pay-As-You-Go
  • No server and IT maintenance
  • No software to buy, install or upgrade
  • Always up to date with current legislations
  • Cost effective – easy to use
  • Access your data anytime, from anywhere
  • Process your payrolls even if you are out of the office
  • Automatic records maintenance and data back ups
  • Company branded Employee Payslip


    For small to large companies
For companies, small or large, that requires an efficient way to manage salaries and wages every month, the solution is right here at your finger tips The easiest way to pay employees is Cloud_VisualPayroll. It is fast, secure, and easy to use. It is Accessible 24/7 from your computer, smartphone or tablet so you can run payroll anywhere, anytime. The officer, Accountant or Manager in charge of payroll have no more excuse for not paying employees on time, all the time CloudVisualPayroll offers everything you need to manage your companies payroll. Our cloud based software is designed specifically to meet the unique demands of managing small and large companies’ payrolls. We will assist you all the way to ensure you meet your payroll deadlines each month. Because Cloud_visualpayroll, is subscription based – pay-as-you-go, you do not need huge upfront payment to start enjoying the benefits of using our award winning solution for the preparation of payroll anytime anywhere for your company

How to Process Payroll

Cloud_VisualPayroll support best practice processing workflow in four simple steps, namely:

Here is the detailed monthly salary preparation process  
  • Enter new employee data and Monthly pay variance for existing/new staff, if necessary
  • Process Pay for the month for one or a group of employees
  • Check for correctness of the processed data and post
  • Print/email payslips and other reports

Direct Payroll Payment via funds transfer.

You have prepared payroll for the month, so you have a long list of employees to pay. Traditional approach is to issue cheque for each employee. In just two simple steps, cloud_visualPayroll provide you with a platform to pay your staff effortless
  1. In Cloud_VisualPayroll, click Bank Direct Payment option and generate employees to be paid for the month, Save the file in Excel format.
  2. Log into your bank website, access the online banking option and upload employee excel file generated by Cloud_VisualPayroll with full payment information. Voilla, payments are immediately made, effortlessly.


For accounting firms and payroll consultants

Cloud_visualpayroll provide a veritable platform for accounting firms and payroll consultants to build a payroll service and prepare payroll for their client - which enables you to earn additional income stream. It is designed around the needs of accounting professionals. Feature rich with impressive processing power, our cloud_visualpayroll enables you to easily manage multiple clients and multiple payrolls through one easy to follow process point. No software to install or systems to upgrade – Cloud_visualpayroll for accountants is a cost effective way to process pay for your clients. Learn more...  

Core CloudVisualPayroll features

  • Unlimited user-definable earnings and entitlement types
  • Unlimited user-definable deduction types
  • Supports NHF and Union dues deductions
  • Bulk employee earnings, entitlements and deductions update
  • Provides customisable tax table that support tax
  • Comprehensive loan manager with ability to stop a loan or documented loan balance refund by employee or calculate interest on loans
  • Complete pension module with tracking for pension custodian, Pension administrators, pension schemes
  • Tax/Relief manager with ability to track Relief relating to individual employees such as life insurance
  • Customisable Payslip format
  • The Role base security system ensures that what users have access to are tightly controlled by roles and permission levels.
  • formula Module can be used across the modules to calculate payitems based on your definition
  • You can email payslips to employees

Live Demo

We provide live demo sessions over the internet every day, Moday-Friday. All you do is to register for the session and we will provide you with the log-on information to enable you join the class. The Topic is: "How To USe CloudVisualPayroll to Prepare Salary." The duration is 20-25 minutes. You will have opportunity to ask questions live. Learn more about Cloud VisualPayroll solution, ask questions during live demo and receive answers promptly.
Let Cloud VisualPayroll Software Solution improve your Payroll process, reduce costs and save valuable time.

Getting started is Simply
  1. Fill out the form below and one of our friendly consultants will contact you before the end of the next business day.
  2. An invitation will be sent to you to participate in an Online Live Demo with one our Product Specialists. Our Product Specialists will demonstrate how Cloud VisualPayroll works and answer any of your questions.

Participate in a Live Online Demonstration

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Cost-of-Ownership Comparison

The decision to take your salary preparation to the cloud gives you a significant lower cost implementing monthly automated salary processing. Read more...

CloudVisualPayroll Promo

Subscribe today and get one additional month FREE. Plus, you get the subscription price per month per employee for =N=150 for one year(12 Months). This promo is on for a limited time only, they expires by April 30, 2014. Hurray!

CloudVisualPayroll subscription Pricing

Employee count <=25   <=50 <=75 <=100 <=125
Subscription rate per employee per month N200.00 N200.00 N200.00 N200.00 N200.00
Monthly N5000 N10,000 N15,000 N20,000 N25,000
On-line Training - one time payment optional N35,000.00 N35,000.00 N35,000.00 N35,000.00 N35,000.00

Software subscription is available for:
  1. Quarterly payment
  2. Half yearly payment
  3. Yearly payment

Subscribe to CloudVisualPayroll Now

If  you have used CloudVisualPayroll in the past or you have participated in a demo presentation or you believe the software can solve your payroll challenges and you want to subscribe immidiately, please proceed to the customer portal to

256 bit SSL security.

Cloud_visualPayroll maintains bank-grade security. Data is fully encrypted at rest and in transit using 256 bit SSL encryption. We employ state of the art firewall and back-up technology, and our data resides in high-security access-controlled data centers  

Charitable Giving

Around us , we have so much deprivation, poverty and basic human needs unfulfilled. Our company donate our widows might to genuine charity organizations. So when you buy from us or use our services, we GIVE part of the profit we make from the transaction to qualifying charitable organizations and/or directly to worthy courses.
Please note that our desire to GIVE does not in any way increase our prices, charges or fees. We operate a competitive engagement with our customers/clients.
We encourage you to choose the charity you would want us to support when you buy from us. You will have the opportunity to do this during your subscription request for Cloud_VisualPayroll.
Our giving may go to any of the followings:

 - Motherless Homes
 - Old Peoples Home
 - Scholarship for Less Privileged Students
 - Physically Challenged Persons
 - Religious Activities
 - Sick Persons with Little or no means
 - Victims of Natural disaster
 - Etc

We will only GIVE to charities that will make major impact on its recipients. Besides, when we GIVE, we track the GIVINGs to ensure it is used for the purpose for which it was GIVEN.

Small World!




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