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Automate Your HR Functions

Visual HR Alert automates the human resource tasks that are time consuming by processing these events automatically without employees intervention.

Visual HR, Alerts and notifications can be sent to employees, managers and Human Resources staff regarding certain events. For example; certification expiration, visa expiration, Drivers Licenses expiration, performance appraisal schedules, Leave due, salary reviews, and training enrolments, thereby eliminating administrative stress associated with keeping a tab on this type of tasks.

Ensures timely, personalized information delivery Visual HR Alerts is designed to enhance communication between the HR department, department managers, financial officers, payroll and employees of your organisation. Visual HR alert add-on ensures timely, personalized information delivery when a responsive action needs to be taken.

The major benefits of using HR Alert include.
  • - Added efficiency in many HR tasks
  • - Reduced time on employee information processing and tracking
  • - Minimized error where timely response is required
  • - Automatic, personalized communication, always in time
  • - Automatically controlled important events, such as a salary over the high water mark, employee turning 55 or retiring , or even the CEO's birthday
  • - Library Alerts and Custom Notifications
  • - Enhance Communication throughout Organization
  • - Empowers Line Managers

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