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eVisualpayroll other features

  • eVisualPayroll has been written from ground-up as web based software. All you need on your workstation is a browser to run the software. Eg http://servername/VHRSApplication/Default.aspx
  • Unlimited user-definable earnings and entitlement types
  • Unlimited user-definable deduction types
  • Supports NHF and Union dues deductions
  • Optional employee picture as part of employee records
  • Picture can be taken easily with a webcam
  • Support payroll batch or online processing
  • Bulk employee earnings, entitlements and deductions update
  • Define and group employees by bank to which employees payment are made
  • Supports weekly, by-monthly and monthly payroll preparation
  • Define unlimited report groups, such as departments, Senior management etc
  • Provides customisable tax table that support tax calculation for most African countries
  • Powerful employee lookup and finder capabilities
  • Easily display all employee and with ability to select the group of employees you want to work on
  • Complete career change tracking
  • Employee bank and the banks routing number for electronic salary funds transfer through the bank
  • Comprehensive loan manager with ability to stop a loan or documented loan balance refund by employee or calculate interest on loans
  • Complete pension module with tracking for pension custodian, Pension administrators, pension schemes
  • Visual Tax/Relief manager with ability to track Relief relating to individual employees such as life insurance
  • You can now create employee numbers with several segments to account for varied information.
  • Payroll Cost tracking and allocation to designated Cost centre
  • Absence can now be entered per employee as a pay line item complete with definable formula as a basis for deduction
  • In addition to general pay items and Grade levels, you can now group employees salary by pay bands.
  • Customisable color Payslip format
  • The Role base security system ensures that what users have access to are tightly controlled by roles and permission levels.
  • Comprehensive client centric reports generators
  • Expanded Excel based Custom report writer. You can now create very complex Payroll reports on the fly on excel eg report on unposted payroll data, create variance report by individual payitem, Create employee block reports
  • You can have more than one tax line on a payslip
  • New formula Module can be used across the modules to calculate payitems based on your definition
  • Selection Builder support Fixed and dynamic builds – Dynamic ensure that each time employee is added – the list grows based on the criteria selected
  • Payroll reports are now more tightly integrated with Microsoft Office. You can print or export all payroll reports in the following new formats – excel, word, pdf, csv, images etc
  • Email engine for payroll. You can email payslips to employees or email payroll detailed report to the manager for authorization
  • VisualPayroll now provide EFT (Electronic Funds Tranfer) functionality. We provide EFT interface for banks including formats for CITI bank etc With this feature , you can easily pay employee salaries by EFT via direct transfer – we will provide interface with the banks directly
  • Optional Module to create leave schedule and manage all aspects of employee leave and company leave policies



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